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EK-1716-AG17 (same as 1716-G17E, with auger) - KOR-IT Inc
EK-1716-AG17 (same as 1716-G17E, with auger) - KOR-IT Inc
EK-1716-AG17 Hitch Mounted Core Drill Machine With Auger - KOR-IT Inc

EK-1716-AG17 Hitch Mounted Core Drill Machine With Auger

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The EK-1716-AG17 Hitch Mounted Core Drill Machines offer several benefits that make them more efficient compared to other types of core drills. First, Hitch mounted core drills can be easily transported from one job site to another, making them a versatile and convenient option.

These core drills can be attached to a vehicle, providing stability and reducing the need for additional anchoring or support. Additionally, our variable positioning systems have been designed to offer a 180 degree drilling radius, starting 78" off the centerline of your vehicles tow hitch.


Hitch mounted core drills are powered by a gasoline engine provided standard, eliminating the need for separate power sources, such as generators. Hitch mounted core drills are designed for easy and efficient operation and smooth effortless drilling. Hitch mounted core drills can be more cost-effective in the long run, as they eliminate the need for additional equipment and support.

Overall, hitch mounted core drill machines offer a combination of convenience, stability, and performance that makes them a popular and efficient option for drilling projects.

Note: the EK-1716-AG17 is the same model as the G17 version, accept this model (the AG17) comes with dual spindle for core drill bits and augers. (do NOT attempt to run both the core drill bit and auger at the same time)
EK-1716-AG17 Hitch Mounted Core Drill Machine with Auger 

EK-1716-AG17  Hitch Mounted Core Drills are perfect for:

  • Sign and Bollard Installation or Replacement
  • Airport Lighting Installation
  • Road and Bridge Construction
  • Materials Testing
  • Utility Installation – “Pot-Holing”

Get the job done faster and reduce job costs

EK-1716-AG17 Hitch Mounted Core Drill Features:


  • 17.5hp Briggs & Stratton Motor
  • Electric Start
  • Positioning arm swings 180 degrees in a semi-circle
  • Multi-jointed arm allows drilling at almost any position within the semi-circle
  • Drill head extends approximately 36-inches beyond side of vehicle
  • Quick set up and tear down
  • Drills 3-4 times faster than electric drill machines
  • Minimize lane closure/traffic control requirements
  • Increased bit life with very stable drilling platform
  • Storage position against vehicle bumper for easy transport
  • Easy removal from vehicle when not in use
  • Capable of handling large and small hole drilling
  • Auger capability available


EK-1716-AG17 Hitch Mounted Core Drill System Includes:

  • Powerful Drill head – Up to 16-inch bit capacity,
  • Auger Capabilities for Soil Sampling
  • Flexible position receiver mount bracket
  • Drill Caddy for one-person mounting and operation
  • Water swivel

Independence in the field

  • Heavy-duty, Stand-alone gasoline-powered system – No additional power supplies needed
  • Mounts to standard 2-inch receiver hitch of a pickup, van or other vehicle
  • Easy one person vehicle mounting or removal using its own drill caddy