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Who We Are

Established in 1958, KOR-IT® is a leading diamond tools and core drill machine manufacturer. Our catalog includes core drill machines, core drill bits, diamond saw blades, walk behind saws and related accessories. KOR-IT® strives to uphold our promise of providing the most durable equipment at the most favorable terms, while maintaining the best customer service rating in our sector.

Any of our machines compete side-by-side with our competition and drill faster, last longer and provide a more efficient drilling process. With the gasoline powered K-401 and versatile K-102 as its foundation, KOR-IT® has developed, in recent years, a product line of bits, saw blades, and more than 30 core drill machine models and accessories. Through our products, we aim to save our customers money and reduce job-related injuries and losses.

KOR-IT® owes this success to meeting customers’ needs and offering customer satisfaction with quality customer service as industry expertise. In addition, KOR-IT® also meets unique drilling requirements. If you haven’t seen it, but need it, call us and we will have our design department create it.

Today KOR-IT® products are used worldwide and sold through a dedicated dealer network. It’s not unusual to find a seasoned customer still using the K-401, which was purchased 35 years ago. It’s no wonder why thousands of clients around the world count on KOR-IT as their preferred diamond tools and core drill machine manufacturer.

Our customers buy value, and we provide value daily, by making a positive improvement in their business.

Our value proposition is R.E.A.L.



KOR-IT® has maintained its valued and trusted brand name since 1958, by providing quality design, engineering, and manufacturing to the concrete drilling industry.  To support our reliability, KOR-IT® is the only manufacturer in our industry offering a lifetime warranty for our core drill machines.



KOR-IT® cuts the risk of choosing the right equipment for the job with in-house industry experts providing solutions using quality engineered products.



KOR-IT® products provide rapid total cost offsets due to their inherent efficiencies.  With near zero set-up and take-down times, gasoline-powered units use speed and performance, to reduce man-hours in the field and increase profits to our customers.  We aim to have our customers recoup the cost of our machines with the 1st major job they perform.



KOR-IT®’s drill machines have outlived most companies as a whole.  Investment in people and processes have proven even during challenging economic times, KOR-IT® has been going strong for more than 56 years.


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