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Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

KOR-IT®, a leading manufacturer of diamond tools for the concrete drilling and cutting industry, is also an efficient resource for custom design & engineering of specialty equipment. Since 1990 our customers have engaged our organization to design, engineer and fabricate hundreds of prototypes and custom core drilling machines. Let our team of designers get to work for your project right away!

KOR-IT® cuts the risk out of choosing the right equipment for the job, with in-house industry experts, providing solutions using quality engineered products.

KOR-IT® maintains its’ valued and trusted brand name since 1958, by providing quality design, engineering and manufacturing to the concrete drilling industry.

KOR-IT®’s drill machines have outlived most companies as a whole. Investment in people and processes have proven even during challenging economic times, KOR-IT® is going strong for more than 63 years.