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"The Brute"

Let KOR-IT Design, Engineer and Manufacture Your Custom Solution!

KOR-IT®, a leading manufacturer of diamond tools for the concrete drilling and cutting industry, is also an efficient resource for custom design and engineering of specialty equipment. Since 1990 our customers have engaged our organization to design, engineer and fabricate hundreds of prototypes and custom core drilling machines. Let our team of designers get to work for your project right away! Contact us today for your custom core drill systems. (888) 727-4560

"The Brute" 

The Brute

A Custom Trailer Mounted Core Drill System

Options We Included On This Custom Core Drill System Included:
  • Designed For The Pre-Cast Industry
  • Hydraulic Powered Trailer Mounted Core Drill Machine
  • Drilled Up To 36″ Diameter Holes
  • Drilled Horizontal and/or Vertical
  • Modified Dual Axle Trailer
  • Storage For Multiple Core Bits
  • Integrated Hydraulic Power Unit

The Brute Core Drill System reduces job costs.

• Near-zero setup time • Longer bit life with very stable drilling platform • Drills faster with a high horsepower gasoline or hydraulic system

Independence in the field with gasoline or hydraulic powered trailer mounted drilling system.

 • Stand-alone system, no additional power source required • Power sources available: 21 to 34 H • Power sources available: 21 to 34 HP to 26 to 67 HP • 200-gallon polyethylene horizontal water tank and 12 VDC water pump

Years of us and dependable performance with stable drilling platform.

• Heavy-duty, precision-ground dual columns • Tenzaloy precision machined carriage assembly • Designed for large and small hole drilling • Smooth, precision ball feed screw system

If you don’t see it but need it, we’ll design and build it!